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Our mission is to support women to live a financially free and balanced life.

Jun 29, 2018

Lynn’s passion is to build beautiful, livable homes. She is a seasoned homebuilder specializing in spec and custom builds exclusively in Austin, Texas.  She started her career years ago as a real estate investor, investing in multiple commercial, residential, and multi-family projects.  In 2010, she transitioned from exclusively investing in real estate to sponsoring and constructing real estate investment projects after leaving a highly successful career as owner and entrepreneur in a multi-million dollar advertising and marketing agency. Lynn has built homes ranging from $700,000 up to $2,500,000.

On today’s episode, we cover a lot with Lynn:

  • How to make your first deal a successful one
  • Tips when vetting contractors
  • How to hire a “power” team
  • How to avoid bad partnerships
  • The key systems that she uses to run her business
  • The importance of listening to the small voice in your head

Resources/Books mentioned in the show:

Quotable Phrases:

  • “Great is the enemy of good”
  • “Listen to the still small voice in your head”
  • “Avoid drinking through a firehose”
  • “This business is full of controlled chaos”

Learn more about Lynn and her company, Starling Development

Lynn has some amazing “how to” videos on her YouTube

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