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Jun 1, 2018

Today’s jam packed episode features, Ali Boone, whose journey has gone from being an aerospace engineer to investing in Nicaragua as her first investment! After this, she decided to focus on buying turnkey rental properties and then build a company helping other investors find and invest in turnkeys too!

Ali is the owner of Hipster Investments, a business that facilitated over $18 Million in Real Estate Investing Sales within 5 years. She has written over 170 articles for the BiggerPockets blog. She’s been featured in Fox Business and Motley Fool and she’s been a guest on many of the top ranked real estate investing and entrepreneurship podcasts.

Turnkeys are Ali’s primary focus as they keep the highest level of passivity available with owning real property. Before her real estate career, Ali was an Aerospace Engineer and a pilot. She still flies as a side job outside of her real estate work, and she also works as a business consultant. Outside of anything work-related, she can often be found at the beach, on the ski slopes, traveling to places off the beaten path, or trying to find some kind of new adventure.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The advantages (and disadvantages) to buying turn key investments
  • The ideal markets for turn key investments
  • The difference between an “active” and “passive” investor
  • How to select a turn key provider
  • How Ali stays true to herself and her values (and how you can too!)

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