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Our mission is to support women to live a financially free and balanced life.

May 25, 2018

Have you heard of “no money down deals” but always wondered – “is this really possible?”

The answer is 100%....yes!

On today’s jammed packed episode, we chat with Whitney Nicely, an expert property investor, speaker and real estate coach. Before quitting her 9 to 5, Whitney scraped by on $24,000 a year...

May 18, 2018

Most people don’t often say the word “bliss” and “investing” in the same sentence...Unless your name is Moneeka Sawyer.

She is often described as one of the most blissful people you will ever meet. She has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years. Moneeka has turned $10,000 into over $2,000,000,...

May 11, 2018

Can you really start a property management company in a recession and grow the company to managing 25,000 doors in only 8 years? Well, Cindy Batey and Angie Smith, two rockstar entrepreneurs, did this together. And with no advertising, just referrals and word of mouth.

In 2010, after working for many years for other...

May 4, 2018

Have you ever used your age as a limiting factor to your success?

Well, today’s guest, Emily Snider, got started in real estate investing two years ago when she was only 19 years old after dropping out of college. She found wholesaling after moving to Los Angeles with her twin sister to "find herself."

One thing led...